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Local and International transportation company.

Even though the company is only two years old, we’ve already managed to carrie lots of domestic and international shipments.
We are considered to be the vrey 1st option when it comes to transoprtation because we are well knowned for our passion twoards this line of work.

Our top priority is to deliver the loads that we are shiping always on time and at the most affordable rates possible.

Certified transportation services

  • The company was founded in January 2016
  • It’s main activity licence is international trnasportation of goods and merchendise and ADR
  • We own a Certified Trusted Company Badge
  • We employ two professional drivers and we own two trucks.

Panescu Trans carries domestic and international road transport for almost any kind of goods.

Whether we are talking about freight or even transport of industrial goods, we, here at Panescu Trans are open to any challenge. We have both the certifications necessary to meet any rigor of the law on freight transport and the experience required to complete any transport in safety.

Efficient and Affordable Transportation


We are dedicated to transportation regardless of the difficulty of the route, the delivery times of the goods or their dimensions. Panescu Trans provides a method of calculating delivery times and costs of freight transport based on honesty and a realistic approach to all elements involved in transportation. We provide both warehouses to warehouse and door to door transportation services. We can carry out any kind of merchandise or goods transport across Europe.

We assume the delivery status as well as the quality of the transport itself. With us, there is no chance that the shipment (cargo) will not arrive in time and safely at the destination.

Please contact us in order to be able to estimate your transport needs either by using the contact form below or by phone: 0768894308

When you say transports, you say Panescu Trans. Let’s get to know each other!




Calea Sagului Street,  No. 54
Ro 300496 Timișoara, Timiș County Romania

Tel: +40768894308